Head Veterinary Surgeon

Jonathan Lees - BVSc - MRCVS
Member of the British Veterinary Association and Society of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons


Joanna Ramsden - BVM+S MRCVS
Clare Farnsworth - BVSc MRCVS
Lyndsay Pass -      BVM+S CertVR MRCVS

Veterinary Nurses

Louise Farricker
Louise Whiteside
Rachel Conaghan
Victoria Smith

Practice Manager

Amanda Hollows


Julie Bradley


All our vets are RCVS members, which is one of the requirements to be in practice. 

What is The MRCVS ? - (Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) 

The RCVS is the regulatory body for veterinary surgeons in the UK. Its role is: 

To safeguard the health and welfare of animals committed to veterinary care through the regulation of the educational, ethical and clinical standards of the veterinary profession, thereby protecting the interests of those dependent on animals and assuring public health.
To act as an impartial source of informed opinion on animal health and welfare issues and their interaction with human health.

In effect the RCVS is made up of three distinct organisations:
The RCVS as a statutory regulator - undertaking the statutory responsibilities set out in the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 - to maintain a register of veterinary surgeons eligible to practise in the UK; to regulate veterinary education and to regulate professional conduct;
The RCVS as 'a Royal College' - exercising powers under the Royal Charter to award Fellowships, Diplomas and Certificates to veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses and others, and to act as an informed and impartial source of opinion on veterinary matters;
RCVS Trust - a separate charity established to promote and advance the study and practice of the art and science of veterinary surgery and medicine - by providing the RCVS Library and Information Service and a range of grants largely to support educational and research activities.