Services we offer

This list is not a comprehensive list of services we offer.

 Bitch Spay

 Cat Spay

 Rabbit Spay

 Ferret Spay

 Guinea Pig Spay

 Dog Castrate

 Cat Castrate

 Ferret Castrate

 Guinea Pig Castrate

 Rabbit Castrate

 Tumour Removals From All Species

 Eyelid Surgery

 ECG (Electrocardiogram In All Species)

 Blood Pressure Monitoring

 Corneal Treatments For Ulcers



Chemotherapy For Certain Types Of Tumour

 IV Fluid Therapy For Dehydrated Patients

 Intraoccular Pressure Measurement For Dogs With Glaucoma

 Caesarean Section In All Species

 Abscess Treatments

 Treatment Of Ear And Skin Disease - Allergic And Parasitic

 Acupuncture Clinics

 Weight Clinics

 Fracture Repairs

 Complicated Diagnostics Involving All Types Of Blood Work Sent To External Laboratories

 Skin Biopsy, Scrapes, Swabs

 Dental Procedure In All Species Including Ultrasonic Scaling, Polishing, And Extractions

 Vaccinations Of All Types To All Species - ESP Cats, Dogs And Rabbits

 Limb And Tail Amputations

 Exploratory Laparotomy (Examine Abdominal Contents Under GA)

 X-Ray Examination Of All Species Under GA Or Sedation