What happens during an appointment?


On entering the practice you will be met by one of the friendly receptionists and be asked to provide your name and your animals name. This information will passed to the vet who will call you for your appointment.

The vet will ask questions related to the illness of your pet prior to doing a clinical examination to find out what the problem seems to be.  


Your pet will then be examined with special care to ascertain what the illness is by using the information you have provided and any past history notes. If it is an emergency then the vet will diagnose the illness and take appropriate action.


A course of treatment, if indicated, will be prescribed. This may be injections, tablets, shampoos, creams or drops depending on what has been diagnosed.

When the medication has been prescribed the computer system will automatically inform reception of what needs to be dispensed and you will be instructed on what quantities and how the medication should be used by our knowledgeable staff.

Payment is taken at the time of consultation.