Surgical And Diagnostic Procedures

The practice is fully prepared for a range of surgical and diagnostic procedures. We have a dedicated x-ray room, preparation area and sterile operating theatre. We have the ability, with our sophisticated blood analysers, to diagnose a range of metabolic diseases without needing to use an external laboratory. This means we can have results the same day and even within 15 minutes in a emergency situation. These facilities can, and often do, mean the difference between life and death.


If an external laboratory is required to diagnose or help monitor your pet then we
will use IDEXX reference laboratories. 

We employ a courier service for this lab to ensure the safe and correct transportation of samples and to enable us to receive the results as soon as possible.

The most important thing about any surgical procedures is the surgeon carrying out the operation.
All our vets have been practising in either mixed practices or solely small animal practice since qualifying. Our vets have a combined experience of nearly 40 years. All the vets operate on a daily basis and so are very experienced in a huge range of surgical and diagnostic procedures.